Appetite For Excess
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Chef Todd Hall

Todd survived. In the face of a gut-wrenching childhood, the topsy-turvy world of the kitchen, and his own continuous cycle of self-destruction, the “bad boy of good food” lives to tell his tales. His life stories will make you laugh, cry, and may even inspire contempt. Hate him or love him, there is no denying his fiery disposition nor his love for the art of cooking.

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From the Author

I survived.

I was asked to tell you what this book is about. That’s a complicated assignment. I have led a very complex and beautiful life and I wrote down a lot of it, to reduce that to a paragraph is challenging. I have been extraordinarily fortunate to have been born with the gift of cooking. I love to cook food, and people love for me to cook for them. I also love to do drugs, and drugs kept me from doing anything but more drugs. If it were not for my children, cooking, and this book, I would probably still be doing drugs. I would kick dope and stay clean for a couple of years, buy when the fog lifted, my memory started to become loud and clear. Your past and reality have a way of catching up to you and mine was no different.

I needed to try and make sense of the last thirty years cognitively, emotionally, spiritually, and chronologically. I needed to get my life in order on paper and off. So, I wrote the book as a self-prescribed recovery tool. I decided to take my past head on, well, as much as I could remember of it opposed to running away from it by getting high. I started at the beginning and tried to remember everything I could about that period of my life. As I remembered, I felt the pain that I had always tried to escape. It was cathartic. It felt right, so I kept doing it. I also felt joy, peace, and a sense of accomplishment as I relived the wonderful parts of my life.

I wrote the book ten years ago and it stayed in my Google drive until 2016. After losing my son Parker to a heroin overdose, I knew it was time to share my story with the world and do my part to raise awareness to this insidious disease called addiction. At the end of each day, and at the end of this book, I stop and thank God for the same thing…

I survived.

Appetite For Excess Book Cover

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